Biotech bio-waste treatment electricity generation plant installed at Udayamperur

The inaugural function of the Bio waste treatment electricity generation plant at the Udayamperur South market was conducted on 18th September by Sri. S. Sharma, Hon. Minister for Fisheries & Registration. The meeting was presided over by Sri. K. Babu, MLA, Sri. T.K Prasad, Udayamperur Grama Panchayat President and Smt. P.S Shyla the District Panchayat President were also present on the occasion.

The project completed at a total cost of Rs. 10 lakhs is capable of treating 250 Kg of degradable wastes on each day in an eco friendly manner. 5 KV of Electricity generated by the operation of this waste treatment plant is being utilised for lighting about 50 CF lamps installed in the market area. This electricity is also used for meeting the inhouse requirements of the plant such as energizing the pre conditioner and gas filter and also for recycling the waste water coming out of the plant.