Waste to electricity generation plant installed at Karavaram

Karavaram : The solid bio waste treatment electricity generation plant constructed with the technical assistance of BIOTECH, was inaugurated at 3 PM on 13th October 2009 at a function held at the Vanchiyoor market, by Shri. Paloli Muhammed Kutty, Hon. Minister. In the meeting conducted under the Chairmanship of Shri. N. Rajan MLA the report was presented by Dr. A. Sajidas, Director, BIOTECH.

In the course of the Meeting, the Hon. Minister enquired from the Director, BIOTECH about the possibility of establishing similar models of plants extensively all over the State. In his inaugural address the Minister pointed out that, licenses for the newly constructed buildings will hereafter be issued only after necessary facilities for waste treatment system are made available in them. He also appealed that necessary steps should be taken to install decentralized waste treatment plant in all the Panchayat of the state and so as to escape from the menace of waste.

While resenting the report, Dr. A. Sajidas, Director, BIOTECH informed that if the plant is set to work to its full capacity, it would be possible to install an additional member of 100 CF lamps, over and above the existing 50 lamps.

The scheme was implemented after incurring an expenditure of Rs. 10 lakhs by the Karavaram Panchayat, with the implementation of the scheme, it could be possible to treat about 250 Kg. of decaying wastes throw out daily from the market and the slaughter house and to treat these wastes in an eco-friendly manner and to make use of the electricity generated from the plant for lighting 50 CF lamps installed in the Vanchiyoor Market. A novel scheme for recycling the water coming out of the plant, after treatment, for being reused in the plant, has also been introduced. This would help to restrict the flow of waste water from out of the plant and also keep the plant and the premises clean and tidy.

This is the 30th plant installed with the technical support of BIOTECH. Unlike in other projects the engine attached with the plant is set to work fully using 100% biogas as fuel. This type of engine was developed by the research wing of BIOTECH. This would help to eliminate completely the use of diesel for the working of the plant.