Integrated Bio waste treatment Electricity generation plant inaugurated in the Kanjiramattom market belonging to the Amballoor Grama Panchayath

With the inauguration of an integrated bio waste treatment electricity generation plant, in the Kanjiramattom market of the Amballoor Grama Panchayath in Ernakulam district on 4th February 2010, the Ernakulam district has won the unique distinction of becoming the first Panchayath in the district, for having two waste treatment electricity generation plants. This Panchayath had earlier initiated steps for achieving complete cleanliness through out the area, long before the waste management problem has become very acute. The waste treatment plant installed during 2007 in the Arayankavu market area for the generation of electricity is still functioning in an efficient manner.
This plant inaugurated on February 4, 2010 is capable of treating different types of wastes, by the application of different technologies in the same plant and also for the generation of electricity. In this plant, facilities for recycling the water coming out of the plant for being reused for the working of the plant are also available. Apart from this, slowly decaying wastes like dry leaves, dry plants etc. can also be treated by the use of biocinerator, a device designed and developed by BIOTECH. The pre-digester attached in the integrated plant helps for the treatment of waste having fibrous content.
The treatment capacity of this integrated plant comprising the biocinerator is 750 Kg including 250 Kg of easily decaying wastes and 500 Kg of slowly decaying wastes like dry leaves, paper etc. per day. Two generators have been installed for the generation of electricity using 100 % biogas produced by the treatment of waste. In case the working of one of the generators is obstructed, the dual fuel generator attached to the plant, will help to give continuous supply of electricity. 5 KW of electricity is expected to be generated from this plant every day, by making use of which 50 CF lamps can be lighted and other appliances of the plant can be set to work. Sufficient electricity for lighting another 100 CF lamps can also be generated from this plant.