The integrated waste treatment electricity generation plant was inaugurated in the Panchayat Stadium at Kozhencherry.

The integrated waste treatment electricity generation plant installed in the Kozhencherry Gramapanchayat Stadium in Pathanamthitta District and which had since started functioning is the largest waste treatment plant established among those by the self Govt institution in the state.
This plant was officially inaugurated by Shri. P.K. Gurudasan, the Hon’ble Minister for Labour and Excise at 5 pm on Sunday the 28th March, 2010. This new plant has been installed in the Panchayat in addition to the existing waste treatment plant. This Panchayat had won Nirmal award for taking effective steps for safeguarding the Panchayat from the accumulation of waste. By the introduction of the new integrated waste treatment plant, Kozhencherry has become the first Grama Panchayat in the District having two integrated treatment plants in the same Panchayat.

For the working of the plant BIOTECH will collect the wastes from the waste generating places, where the waste will be kept after segregating by the waste generators. Biotech will transport these wastes direct to the plant. By this arrangement the problem of throwing off the wastes at different places can be completely avoided.
This plant is capable of treating 1500 kg of wastes everyday. The biogas produced by treating the wastes are utilized for generating 10 KW of electricity. This electricity is presently made use of for lighting 150 CF lamps installed in the stadium and the surrounding areas. It is also used for meeting the in house requirements of the plant. This plant is also designed and developed by BIOTECH, an organization which had the reputation of having installed a number of waste treatment plants successfully ever since 1994.

Slowly decaying wastes such as dry leaves, plantain leaves, garbages etc are treated by using Bio cenerator a device, also designed and developed by BIOTECH. The fuel used for the working of Bio cenerator is also biogas. The hot water required for the electricity generating plant is that produced by the biocenerator. Special mechanism for treating fibrous wastes and also slowly decaying vegetable wastes is also available in the plant. This will facilitate the treatment of fibrous waste very effectively. Facilities are also there in the plant, for collecting separately the wastes such as plastics, metals, and glass etc for purposes of recycling. As different technologies are applied in the same plant all types of wastes can be treated in this plant. A recycling unit for reusing water that comes out of the plant, after treatment is also attached with the plant. As the plant is working in this manner there will not be any special problem to be handled while making use of this plant.