Solid bio waste treatment Electricity generation plant commences functioning at Pallippuram of Ernakulam District

The waste treatment electricity generation plant was installed in Kovilakathum kadav of the Pallippuram Grama Panchayat, a coastal area of the Ernakulam district. The plant was dedicated by the District Panchayath member Adv K V Abraham on 18th May 2010.The being one located in coastal area, epidemic diseases may be spread if the waste treatment plant is not constructed in a proper and scientific manner. Throwing away of solid waste materials indiscriminately along the road sides and public places will be harmful both for the human beings and the environment in view of the pollution caused by the decaying wastes both the earth and the atmosphere will become un-suitable for the human habitation. The waste water coming out of the accumulation of waste from the dumping yards and the water coming out from the sub-standard waste treatment plants are mainly attributable to the emission of stinking smell and the pollution of the land and the atmosphere. Because of all these factors BIOTECH had constructed the waste treatment plant at Pallippuram grama panchyat by the application of modern and scientific technologies.

BIOTECH, the pioneers in the field of fabricating bio waste treatment plants had installed this plant also with the application of the latest technologies so that it will not affect the hygienic life of the people. BIOTECH had already setup waste treatment plants successfully in as many as 49 local self governing institutions. This project has been implemented with the aim of relieving the society from the problems caused by the unhealthy waste management system and to overcome the acute shortage of electricity. 250 kgs of bio degradable waste is being treated in the plant and 5 KV electricity is produced from this plant. This can light 50 CF lamps in the surrounding areas. The same electricity is used to operate all the other machines associated with the treatment of the plant. The bio-gas produced by treating the degradable waste is being passed through the filter developed by BIOTECH for purifying it and generating electricity with the help of generators. A latest technology used for reutilizing the water comes out from the plant has also been set up. This helps to prevent the discharge of waste water from the plant and to keep the premises clean.

The solid bio waste treatment electricity generation project implemented in Pallippuram panchayat is a model for all. The plant which helps to treat the wastes and to generates electricity doesn’t create any health problem to people. So far 49 plants have been installed all over Kerala by BIOTECH the pioneer agency which is implementing several projects in Kerala. Considering all these specialties the Central Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is giving subsidy for these BIOTECH plants.