The first BIOTECH Waste to electricity project installed in Tamil Nadu.

BIOTECH has designed and installed a compact and pre fabricated Bio waste to Electricity plant at Sri Sankar Nagar, Pammal, Chennai, the Capital of Tamil Nadu, India. This plant has been installed in association with Exnora Green Pummal, a well known NGO actively involved in waste management projects for the last several years. The cost of the project amounted to Rs. 25 lakhs after subsidy. The fund for the purpose was raised by Exnora Green Pummal from different donors.
This plant is capable of treating 250 Kg. of organic waste every day. Bio methanization technology is applied for this process. 25-30 Cum Biogas is being generated every day. This gas is utilized for power generation. 5 KW of electricity is generated every day. It is used for meeting the in-house requirement for the project and for street lighting. 50 N0s. of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) have been installed nearby the streets and these are working with green electricity.

The speciality of this plant is that it is totally a pre-fabricated one, made of Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). The system is equipped with three anaerobic pre-digesters and three Modified Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (MUASB) reactors connected in series. The treated liquid that comes out from the plant is utilized as fertilizer and a part of this treated slurry is re used for the operation of the plant with the help of an inbuilt slurry loop system. The Biogas generated from the pre-digesters and digesters are passed through a non return unit and collected in a centralized synthetic gas collector. This gas is passed through a gas scrubber and after scrubbing it is used as fuel in a 100% Biogas engine for the generation of electricity, 5 KW electricity is generated every day. It is used for meeting the in-house requirement of the project and also for street lighting.

The main advantage of the prefabricated system is the saving of space and time required for the installation. Without much expense all parts of the plant can be shifted from one place to other if necessary. It is maintenance free and uses only minimum moving parts. The recovery of treated solid manure can be removed from the pre-digester. Through the introduction of pre-digesters, there is no chance for formation of scum in the digesters. The expected life of the plant is between 10-15 years. Environmental benefits derived through the installation of the plant is equivalent to the emission reduction of more than 100 metric tones of CO2 every year.

This type of decentralized waste treatment system helps the community to participate in climate protection activities. To achieve this goal BIOTECH is trying our level best.

Location of the project
Sri Sankar Nagar, Pammal, Chennai – 75, Tamilnadu state, India
Distance from the Chennai International Airport – 4 Km.
Project promoted by – Exnora Green Pummal
Main Sponsor – Sam Foundation for Eco Friendly Environment.
Technical Details of Waste to Electricity ptoject

Treatment Capacity of the Plant 250 Kg. of Organic Waste
Type of feed materials All degradable materials like cooked food waste, vegetable, fruits, fish and meat waste
No. of Anaerobic Pre-digesters 3 Nos
Volume of each Pre-digesters 3,500 litters
No. of Digesters 3 Nos
Volume of digesters 20,000 litters
Gas generation per day 25 – 30 Cum
Use of gas Electricity Generation
Generator (100% biogas model) 5 KW
Stand by generator (Duel Fuel model) 3 KW
Organic fertilizer output per day Liquid Fertilizer – 250 litter Solid Fertilizer – 25 Kg.
Electricity Generation 5 KW
Number of hours 7 Hrs. Day time 3 Hrs., Evening – 6 pm to 10 pm
Number of lights installed 50 Nos. of 11 W CFL
In-house requirement of electricity For the operation of pump in slurry loop system, pump in Gas scrubber, gas pump, de-humidifier etc.
Manpower required for the operation of plant One operator + One part time supervisor