The solid bio waste treatment electricity generation plant was inaugurated in the Thrikakkara Municipality

One more plant for waste treatment for electricity generation had become operational in the Thrikakkara Municipality. This project was completed with the assistance and co operation of BIOTECH. This bio waste electricity generation plant was installed near the shopping complex of the NGO Quarters. The latest waste treatment technologies had been applied in this plant. The plant was officially inaugurated at 10 am on 22-01-2011 by the Municipal Chairman Sri. P. I. Muhammad Ali. Dr. A. Sajidas Director, BIOTECH presented the report. The special feature of this plant is that it could be possible to treat as much as 300kg of biowaste and waste water every day in an eco friendly manner without polluting the environment and generate 5kv of electricity. The electricity generated is being used for lighting nearly 50 C F Lamps installed in the nearby shopping complex and the adjacent areas. A device for recycling the waste water coming out of the plant for reusing it had also been installed in the plant. By this process the flow of waste water from the plant can also be controlled and the plant and the premises can be kept clean and tidy.
The waste treatment plant installed near the Kakkanad Village office had been designed in such a way to enable the public to see and understand the working of the plant and also to create awareness among them about the waste treatment schemes. This progaramme can become a model scheme for all the self governing institutions which are presently experiencing problems by the accumulation of wastes. If this progamme is implemented in a wider scale in all the Grama Panchayats and Municipalities, perhaps a permanent remedy can be found for almost all the problems experienced an account of accumulation of waste.
As the Govt of India in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy had already approved the waste treatment programmes of BIOTECH which had installed similar plants in more than 60 Grama Panchayats central subsidy is also being received. Accordingly a sum of Rs.1.20 lakhs will be received by the Thrikakkara Municipality by way of subsidy. Apart from the waste treatment plant which is being inaugurated now, constructions of two other similar plants are being completed in the Thrikakkara Municipality. BIOTECH is also installing Domestic waste treatment plants with the co operation of the local self government institutions both inside the state and outside Kerala. Biotech is providing model projects and other technical support to local self Govt bodies for the implementation of biogas projects in houses as well as in public institutions .