Experts From World Bank Visited BIOTECH Plant

For studying the implementation of waste treatment projects in the State, the World Bank experts in solid waste management Ms. Sandra Cointrau visited the various waste treatment programmes. In this context the team also visited the waste treatment plant installed with the technical assistance of BIOTECH in the Trikkakara Municipality. The team evaluated the working of the plant operated with modern technologies and observed that no environmental pollution is caused by the plant. Bio methanation is the technology adopted, here for treating the waste on the same day itself of its generation. The wastes of fish meat, vegetables etc. up to a quantity of about one ton per day is being treated every day in the plant installed in the Thrikkakara Market. From the biogas produced by the treatment of the waste, electricity is generated and this electricity is utilized for working the machine parts of the plant and also for lighting 150 lights installed in the market and the surrounding areas. The BIOTECH plant at Thrikkakara market is a model for all the local body institutions which are confronting acute problem of waste management.