Joint Venture Agreement between BIOTECH INDIA and FELRICK AUSTRALIA for landfill waste to electricity project

Landfill waste (garbage) in the dumping waste site (Vilappilshala, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India) has created a lot of problems in terms of health, hygiene and environmental disasters. FELRICK (under the license of LGI, Australia has agreed to associate with BIOTECH INDIA to transfer and implement the landfill gas extraction technology for the landfill waste management in all the Indian projects. With this agreement duly signed, it will enable BIOTECH INDIA to capture all the toxic landfill gas and convert them to electricity and compressed landfill gas (vehicle fuels like CNG) projects. This technology will help to capture and covert the landfill gas to non-toxic clean energy resource and reducing the waste by 80%.

      Our Australian partners had successfully completed 14 landfill gas projects in Australia and in the USA, and now they have joined hands with BIOTECH INDIA for bringing the waste assets of India into clean electricity. The agreement also allows BIOTECH INDIA to implement the biogas projects in Australia and New Zealand with FELRICK. Vilappilshala, Njeliyan paramb, Bhramapuram, Chelora and Laloor sites (in Kerala) have huge mountains of landfills and this poses  serious risk to land and lead to water contamination and as well as affecting the health of the people. The permanent solution for this problem is to have to a landfill gas extraction system on these sites, so that it can generate clean energy as well as providing a solution for waste management. The landfill wastes are capped by using the geo membranes and then purifying the small traces of toxic gases, from landfill gas to electricity. The landfill gas is capped and used for electricity projects, or if otherwise the natural release of this gas is going create huge problems leading to climate change, global warming etc. This will also be an excellent solution to overcome the highly toxic polluted water and soil, which has been caused by the spread of rain water on landfill wastes. If the landfill gas projects are implemented in all the landfill sites in India, it will be a complete solution for achieving clean energy, energy security and protecting the environment. For any queries about the landfill gas implementation from the Corporation, Municipalities, Panchayaths, newcomers, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact:

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