Concession in Building tax for houses where biogas plants are installed – Chief Minister – Kerala

Inaguration of Biotech plant in Kerala Chief Ministers Official residence by the Hon. Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy

The Chief Minister was speaking on the occasion of inaugurating the biowaste treatment biogas plant installed in the Cliff House. The BIOTECH Plant has been designed for producing bio gas and bio manure by treating 5 Kg. of bio waste and 20 – 30 litres of wastewater. By treating this waste by the application of biogas technology, it can be possible to produce 2 Cum of biogas per day which is equal to 1 Kg. of LPG and also about 30 litres of liquid bio manure, which can be used as bio fertilizer in the agriculture garden in the Cliff House. By this, the increase in the cost of cooking gas and the depletion in the quality of vegetables produced by applying chemical fertilizer can simultaneously be over come. The State Government is also ready to provide subsidy to the extent of 75% of the cost of the waste treatment plants. As a result it  would be possible for installing domestic waste treatment plants in each family by incurring very low expenditure annually.

 The Chief Minister has observed that centralized waste treatment projects can be implemented only after the apprehensions of the people are completely eradicated. He has also pointed out that the main reason to the opposition of the people residing in the neighbourhood of waste treatment plants, is the non functioning of the existing waste treatment plants in an efficient manner. Now that several models which can work in an excellent manner are available, people can be educated if the plants with excellent working are installed. The Chief Minister also pointed out that along with Centralized waste treatment plants, decentralized plants should also be installed in a wider scale; and if bio gas plants are installed in households government will consider the question of granting permission to the local self government institutions for allowing concession in the building tax for such houses.

 The Chief Minister has also desired that every one should come forward for installing household biogas plants capable of producing biogas and bio manure by the treatment of bio waste.