About us

BIOTECH , a synonym for ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, POWER, ECO-FRIENDLINESS, HYGIENE AND HEALTH, has been established in 1994, even though its activities originated long before during the early eighties. BIOTECH is engaged in the implementation, promotion, popularization and research in Bio-Waste Management, Non-conventional Energy and Energy Conservation Programmes. BIOTECH has sufficient sound and experienced technical personnel and infra-structural facilities to undertake all developmental programmes. A well equipped training centre has been established in BIOTECH. This centre is capable of rendering training and awareness to 75 -100 persons at a time.

BIOTECH focuses attention on research, development and production of renewable energy, especially Bio Energy Programmes with the active support and co-operation of other government and non-governmental organizations, especially local bodies.

BIOTECH had received several awards including International Green Oscar 2007. More than 15 inventions have been added to the credit of BIOTECH in the field of waste to energy programmes.

BIOTECH had developed different models of waste treatment plants, for being used under different geographical conditions.

BIOTECH does implement projects suitable for treating bio waste at the domestic level and also in public institutions like hospitals, hostels, convents, slaughter houses etc. BIOTECH provides subsidy for the installation of waste to energy projects.

This Organization implements programmes through out the state in association with Local Self Government Institutions.

BIOTECH renders consultancy services for the preparation of projects, takes up feasibility studies, makes site visits and carries out project implementation and awareness programmes.